You can buy kon-boot here: http://www.piotrbania.com/all/kon-boot

Commercial version supports:
  • SecureBoot bypass
  • All Windows systems password bypass
  • World's first and only Windows 10 online/live password bypass (UEFI) and Apple OSX!
  • Apple Macs (OS X, macOS) password bypass
If you want to support the author you can buy the commercial version with all the goodies included

You can read more about kon-boot and all the usage instructions here: http://www.piotrbania.com/all/kon-boot http://thelead82.com/#products

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Kon-Boot is an application which will silently bypass the authentication process of Windows / OSX based operating systems. Kon-Boot modifies the system kernel while it boots, changes are made temporary only. Rebooting the machine will restore the original contents of system kernel and its corresponding authentication procedures.

Try free version (free version supports only 32-bit windows systems without the Windows 8 support). Archive password is 'kon-boot'.

https://kon-boot.com - http://thelead82.com