current version: 0.1c
 release date: 16/09/2005


 About the TAPiON (Polymorphic Decryptor Generator) project
TAPiON engine was developed to avoid code detection (shellcode/whatever). The engine can create unical decryptor, encrypt original data and decrypt it on the fly (while code executes).  

  • decryption key based on randomly generated decryptor (attacker breakpoint insertion will cause invalid decryption)
  • decryption based on CPU time (selected randomly) - anti emulator code.
  • RDTSC / coprocessor instructions usage - anit emulator code.
  • random step of block xoring
  • random step of key increasing
  • random registers usage
  • multiple instructions variants
  • block swapping
  • garbage engine (normal instructions / coprocessor instructions)
  • block swapping
  • random decryptor size
  • multiple decryptor layers generation

 Sample decryptors
 TODO (upcoming in new release)

  • multiple encryption/decryption methods (xlat/add/sub/rol)
  • more instruction variants
  • more antiemulator stuff

 Author - contact
TAPiON project was brought to you by Piotr Bania. If you have any comments / want to contribute, feel free to contact with the author.