List of the things:
Gaara is world's first resident entry-point-obscuring virus for ti89 Titanium calculators. Written fully in Motorolla 68K assembly. For educational purposes only. More information in the SOURCE code. You may also want to look at the PAYLOAD PICTURE. You can now read about GAARA on SYMANTEC WEBLOG or KASPERSKY one. Also seems the first more or less full description was done by SYMANTEC and you can read it here.
Here you can find two types of disinfectors for the Gaara virus. They use two different techniques for cleaning the file from virus injections. I hope you will find it interresting. Ah, binaries are also available: D1_BINARY / D2_BINARY
:: Writting to the FlashROM memory on TI calcs - SOURCE
This little code demonstrates the way of disabling FlashROM write protection, which disables writting to the FlashROM memory area. Written in Motorolla 68K assembly. More information in the SOURCE code.
:: TI89 File Format (.89z) Viewing Utility - SOURCE
This proggie is able to view internal structures of the .89z executable files. It also can repair the checksum field, this is really important when you are modifing the binaries and then trying to resend then to the calc. If the checksum is wrong, calculator will refuse the file transfer. Written in C for Windows platforms. More information in SOURCE code.
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